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First and foremost, thanks for dropping by and be interested at me! (*blush*). Let me introduce myself. My first name is E Jinq, and Heng is my last name. I am a Chinese living in Malaysia. I know many people are curious and want to know more about people in Malaysia, like if they are living in the jungle and stuffs. No, Malaysia isn't like that.

I am from Penang island, a small island belongs to Malaysia. For me, that is the best place on Earth to be in. There are no natural disaster, are surrounded by beautiful beaches, and have a lots lots lots of nice foods! Georgetown, a city in Penang has also being listed as a World Heritage site. 

End of year 2013, I leave Penang and become a student of a private institution located at Petaling Jaya, Selangor. I am currently a year three Psychology and Finance student for an American degree program - ADP. Another thing that I love about Malaysia, we have a lots of public holidays. This is due to the multiracial and ethics we have here.

Malaysian speaks their own unique Malaysian style English. While I am struggling to write in perfect English, I hope everyone can still understand what I mean in most of the blog posts. I hereby apologise and hope that all my readers enjoy our Malaysian English..lah

I am indeed a shopaholic. I try to put hormone in control but sometimes I just can't. I love to try out new makeups and skincare. Sometimes I am being bought over by pretty and cute packagings. I blog about all kinds of products, and also nice places to be in Malaysia, especially foods!

I am a real foodie. I love eating and will soon gulp up foods in front of me. That explains sometimes I don't blog about every restaurant that I been to.

 I value perfections and am always trying my best in everything.