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This blog was formerly known as, until I decided to bring it to a new level. "JaniceJ" is actually made out of my name, "Janice", and by noticing the last two letters "eJ." was actually initial from my name E JINQ!

Here, you will find tons of reviews and tutorials (Hopefully!) on different products especially makeups, skincare and other beauty related stuffs. Sometimes I will blog about restaurants to go as well, mainly located around Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Penang Malaysia! That's not all! By visiting my blog, you will sometimes see my foot prints in different events. I love to dress up and attend events.

The blog was named Girls, Be Gorgeous for a reason. I would love to help girls over the world to find their confident. For me, a confident girl looks really gorgeous. In another word, Girls, be confident. Do be afraid of anything and work your way up to that tip of the hierarchy.